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Gerald D. Crosby Jr. – Founder / CEO

Gerald has been in the financial services and investment industries since 1998.  Gerald is also the CEO of Adventas, INC, a state licensed mortgage bank and full service insurance agency.  Gerald has a passion for helping people achieve their retirement goals and maintaining the success of these goals.  

Throughout his career in working with thousands of clients, he recognized the long term problems related to the incredible amount of risk retired and pre-retired investors were unknowingly taking with their portfolios, and how this could potentially eliminate retirement as an option.  There is a better way, and Gerald has developed a system to identify and eliminate this kind of risk and he is dedicated to helping his clients truly enjoy their retirements by eliminating this kind of risk and the associated stress.  

Gerald D. Crosby Jr.

Retire Safe Team currently provides service in Arizona, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.